Configuring the Alerts Menu

The success of your IT operations depends on how quickly you can act on incoming events from your network infrastructure. For this it is imperative that you are able to configure your system to give you quick access to your most frequently used operations.

Configuring for immediate action

The RightITnow ECM enables you to create various custom actions to apply to incoming alerts. The alerts console menu can be customized to give you fast and immediate access to any of these actions.

Configuring for action efficiency

Creating a group of actions could enable you to set the severity of an alert, assign an owner and email that user about the new alert, just with two clicks. Any preferred group of actions is just at your fingertips via the alerts console menu.

Configuring for user efficiency

Administrators’ views need not be populated with actions used exclusively by the Operator staff. Focus on improving the efficiency of your individual users by creating context menus specific to the user roles or user groups in your system.

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