Complete ITIL Event Management Support

RightITnow ECM offers complete support of the Event Management functions within the ITIL Service Operations domain.  Event Management monitors all events that occur through the IT infrastructure and linked monitoring systems to allow for normal operation and also to detect and escalate exception conditions.

RightITnow ECM also plays a role in both the Incident Management and Problem Management processes by automatically escalating correlated alerts (from Configuration Items (CIs) to the Service Desk. In addition, RightITnow ECM can create and acknowledge relevant Incident and Problem records. In some cases, alerts escalated from RightITnow ECM may trigger a Request for Change (RFC) via the Change Management process – for example, when a configuration change event is directly correlated to errors that result from it.


Other ITIL Process Impacts

RightITnow ECM’s event and alert archiving and reporting capabilities contribute directly to Service Measurement and Reporting. For example, the time to close a specific alert may have direct impact on SLA’s or OLA’s contracted for and by the IT organization.

With a record of event, alert, incident escalation volumes, resolution types and correlations used, RightITnow ECM lets IT operations teams drive process enhancements for Continual Service Improvement, including:

  • Problem Management (enabling technical staff to diagnose root cause and make long term changes),
  • Capacity and Availability Management (enabling IT planners to identify the right thresholds and alert severity correlations for each CI),
  • Configuration Management and Asset Management (as the system of record for the existence and real-time status of any CI).

RightITnow ECM is ready built to operate in a federated CMDB architecture with bi-directional information exchange.

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