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CIO Review selects RightITnow as one of the 20 Most Promising Server Solution Providers of 2015

RightITnow: A New Paradigm in IT Management Operations
Read all about why RightITnow has been selected by CIO Review as one of the 20 Most Promising Server Solution Providers of 2015.


ROI Calculator

Try the RightITnow ROI Calculator
Try our calculator and see how event correlation will positively impact your IT Operations costs.



 RightITnow ECM Datasheet
Interested in finding out more about RightITnow ECM? Download our latest datasheet.

 An Event Connector Use Case: Solarwinds
Read all about the RightITnow ECM SolarWinds Connector.

 RightITnow Whitepaper: Service-Centric IT Operations Management in the Enterprise
As infrastructure becomes more complex and interdependent, it requires more specialized monitoring tools to manage. Problem prioritization and resolution doesn’t necessarily get easier, as both the infrastructure and the monitoring tools generate more events.

How do corporations cope with the complexity? Many are streamlining operational processes and holding down costs by using an Event Correlation Management (ECM) system that consolidates, correlates, and manages enterprise wide events in a single console. Read more about how consolidated IT Operations Management can help your organization.



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ECM Mobile

You can now manage your alerts on the go using your iPhone. Register to download our new ECM iPhone Application.

To find out how it works check out our iPhone Application demo video.

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