Critical Number Calculator

all default values can be edited to match your environment
How many network and systems devices do you manage?
* Required
* Invalid Entry
Network devices include routers, switches, gateways and other equipment. Systems devices include virtual and physical servers and application components like app servers, databases, etc.
What is the cost of resolving an alert within IT Operations?
without escalating the problem to your Service Desk
* Required
* Invalid Entry
Gartner estimates $35-$250
What is the cost of resolving an incident at your Service Desk?
by incident we mean trouble ticket
* Required
* Invalid Entry
Gartner estimates $100-$500
What is the average cost per hour for customer / end user downtime?
in terms of lost productive hours across affected employees or in terms of lost business/revenue per hour
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* Invalid Entry
In conjunction with your inputs, we use a number of other variables to calculate your event correlation savings. Here’s a short list of the variables used – the values assigned to the variables are based on your environmental inputs as well as industry averages for number of events, alerts, and typical resolution times for an infrastructure of your size.
The avg number of critical events experienced per week
The avg number of operational alerts per week
The avg number of tickets opened at the Service Desk per week
(generated from customer calls and related to customer problems)
Estimated percentage of alerts resolved within the Operations team
Estimated percentage of alerts escalated to the Service Desk
The avg resolution time for tickets generated from correlated events & alerts  (as compared to events or tickets with no correlated information)
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