Server monitoring software

As an IT professional who has witnessed severe escalations in a corporation , server monitoring software is a tool that one cannot do without. The security and stability of your server can mean the “life or death” of your work and the paralysis of mission critical projects . Every year, an overwhelming amount of time by system and network admins is spent in managing and analyzing information coming from multiple sources of traditional server monitoring . By acquiring an overarching server monitoring solution, companies can save tens thousands of dollars by streamlining and correlating the alerts coming from all over your IT infrastructure.

Depending on the software, you’ll want to check on which brand operating systems, web servers, app servers and database servers the server monitoring software you are considering is compatible with. Many have very intuitive and well thought out user interfaces that are easy to navigate and contain features such as graphics, alerting and very high-level monitoring functions. Many of the software out there will also offer an extensive set of plug-ins that allow their users to gather total performance metrics and availability of their company/personal data at all times.

When looking at the plethora of server monitoring software options available on the market today, you’ll want to make sure they include a few key and crucial features. One of the most important features you will want to look for is an interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Another key feature to look for, which most software offer, is a notification system that includes email and SMS for easy detection of problems as soon as they occur. As with any software you purchase, the easier the installation process typically the better as add-ons and updates will commonly occur as you use the product throughout its lifetime. By far the number one issue to address is how fast the software is, which will ultimately lead to how well it will perform during the lifetime of the software’s use.

Cloud based monitoring has often been argued to be more reliable and secure than traditional server monitoring. Some of the top reasons include secure remote accessing, network use monitoring, password management and administrative access from anywhere. As with the more traditional server monitoring software, online cloud based server monitoring software is available and depending on your needs, could be an arguably better fit.

In summary, below are just a few considerations you’ll want to consider when making your server monitoring software purchase. Among the most important is always going to be an easy to use interface that allows a single comprehensive view of all the issues and one that you can familiarize yourself with easily. Cloud based accessing can also be a major pro as it is often thought to be more reliable as you are using a third party source to back up all the data and information needed. The ability to late add add-ons is also a feature that is important to most people in the industry.

RightITnow ECM is a Web 2.0 Manager of Managers (MoM) solution providing multi-source event correlation software, optimizing IT Operations processes and supporting predictable SLA-based services.RightITnow ECM dramatically simplifies the management of IT operations by:- – Streamlining the volume of IT events coming from multiple sources such as Solarwinds, MS SCOM 2012, Nagios, VMware, Syslog, SNMP Traps and more,build your own event Connector using our SOAP API, Displaying Operational and Historical Dashboards with a comprehensive view of your Data center Health and your staff workload, Providing Extensive workflow options to match your IT business practices and Bridging the gap between IT operations and the service helpdesk offering tight integration with ServiceNow®, Zendesk, BMC Remedy, JIRA, Salesforce Service Cloud, ManageEngine

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