Who we are

Founded in January 2013 by Marc Ferrie, RightITnow’s mission is to massively simplify the way IT operations are being managed today. We are delivering to the marketplace an innovative solution that you can discover on our website; from the ground up, we have established key practices that we want to share with you:

  • Streamline the design of the product to make it as simple to use as humanly possible: this is hard work but we believe that the onus is on us not on you to deliver on that promise
  • Provide a cost-effective, affordable solution by automating a lot of our internal functions (cloud services, support, Testing, videos, live demos)
  • Listen to our customers and prospects: they DO have the key insights and in combination to our product roadmap, that makes for an innovative solution in real touch with your needs
  • Deliver a common solution for the cloud and on-premises, the smallest to the largest customer, for any vertical: there is no good reason not to do it!

We have deployed our solution across the world in a number of industry segments, such as:

  • Financial services
  • MSPs and ISPs
  • Government Agencies
  • IT consulting firms

We have great customers and partners who are using our solution worldwide and are willing to share their experience with RightITnow so if you are serious about changing the way your IT operations are being handled today, we will be happy to assist you in that journey.

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