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Central monitoring system

The central monitoring system that your company obtains will be tasked with a plethora of duties that cannot be taken lightly in today’s IT landscape. From monitoring bandwidth, to configuration management to most importantly tracking incoming security threats, making the right investment in a software that will help to manage all three, is an extremely important decision. While your individual company’s set of needs will always come first, today we take a look at some of the most important features to consider when making your decision.

While it has a tendency to be often overlooked, the overall feel and aesthetics of the software you are using cannot be taken for granted. The quickest way for new hires to get behind in their training and get a slow start to the productivity, is having them use a software with a steep learning curve and difficult intricacies that can take months to learn. From the user interface dashboard to the various tools that your software can offer, the quicker you can fully learn and take advantage of your central monitoring system software the faster you can protect your systems and keep business running as normal and efficiently. When it comes to the security if your systems, it’s not something you will want to take lightly.

One of the most important features to consider when looking at central monitoring system software is a notification system that you can customize to send you alerts when efficiency is approaching a slow down or incoming security breaches are recognized. Whether it be via SMS, email or a built in notification system through the software, the faster you are able get to work on finding a solution to the problem and keeping business operating smoothly. One avenue of getting those push notifications is finding a central monitoring system that offers a mobile and tablet component to control the software from. With many of today’s professionals working remotely and being constantly on the go, finding a software with an application component is a great convenience feature that you will enjoy.

Monitoring bandwidth is one of the primary tasks that every central monitoring system will be assigned. Finding a software that presents the metrics involved in an easy to read format and contains visualization tools that lets you track it in real-time, is a valuable feature that cannot be overlooked. With employee’s smartphones and personal tablets flooding your already busy network, bandwidth can reach its maximum levels rather quickly. The aforementioned custom alerts feature is one that will go hand in hand with the monitoring of your bandwidth. By having the ability to be alerted when your bandwidth is running thin, you can make the necessary adjustments or phone calls to ensure your system maintains its speed.

Ultimately, choosing the right central monitoring system software is not only a financial investment but an investment in the life and long term success of your business. It cannot be stressed enough how important the proper research and self-awareness of your business’s needs is when making your decision. Many of the software available on the market today offer demo versions that while might not offer full functionality that the regular versions do, will let you see if the software is one that you can work with. Beyond getting a good grasp on the overall feel of the software, it will also allow you to confirm it’s compatibility with your already established suite of tools. While trying the demo, it’s a good idea to let your employees that will be using the software give it a try as well.

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