VMware Monitoring Tools

For anyone in the IT industry consistently and regularly using VMware, you will most certainly want to obtain an adequate suite of VMware monitoring tools to protect the overall health and efficiency of the VMware. From monitoring the performance of the VMware servers, getting key statistics such as memory and CPU usage, monitoring bandwidth usage on your networks and utilizing the threshold settings, today we will take a look at some of the most important features to consider when making the investment into the best VMware monitoring tools for you and your company’s needs.

Very important yet often overlooked, finding VMware monitoring tools that come to you as intuitive and easy to use can be a feature that is unparalleled. The main dashboard of the software, which you will use constantly to track statistics related to your VMware and ensure efficient performance in real-time should be one that looks sharp and is easy to read and analyze. Beyond just the main dashboard, finding a software that you can not only learn quickly yourself, but teach others on your team how to use will prove to be a huge time and cost saver.

It’s no secret in the field of IT that turnover can run rampant, meaning the faster you can train new employees on your litany of software that you use, the faster you can ensure no downtime and the highest levels of security and efficiency. While it is not a VMware specific feature, the overall feel of the software should be an aspect of that you strongly consider. One way to ensure the software is one that will be an aesthetically and intuitively good fit is downloading a free trial demo version of the software before making the purchase. It may also be a good idea to have some of your employees that will be using it give it a download as well.

One feature with your VMware monitoring tools that you will want to consider is one that offers a performance-monitoring tool. This will allow you to view the number of virtual machines present on your network to see if they are on or off, or potentially in a suspended state. It will also allow you to monitor your servers to track metrics such as memory, CPU, disk read/write, network Rx/Tx, uptime since statistics and constantly be sure that your plethora of applications are running smoothly. A performance-monitoring tool that is centrally located within the software and easy to use can really help in the early identification of potential issues.

Another critical feature that will time and time again prove to be valuable is a VMware threshold setting that you can fully customize to fit your specific set of needs. For example, you can set threshold values to keep track of critical metrics such as CPU and memory so that you are alerted when they are reaching potentially damaging levels. You can also set refresh time intervals to keep visibility on the latest data periodically, whether that is daily or once a month. Most of the VMware monitoring tools software that offer this feature give you the ability to set up thresholds for multiple servers, each with their own unique set of threshold limits.

The aforementioned features we listed today are just a few to consider when researching the best VMware monitoring tools for your specific company’s needs. Another pro of obtaining a free trial demo version of the software as we previously mentioned, is to ensure that it is compatible with all of the other software you are currently running.

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