.Net Monitoring

Finding the right .Net monitoring solution is an important part of any IT professionals arsenal of tools used to protect their network and maximize efficiency. By obtaining the right .Net monitoring tool, you can focus on the health of your network and not be under the constant worry of threats infiltrating your precious data and servers. From monitoring dependencies, tracking metrics, maintaining applications and trouble-shooting server issues, today we take a look at some of the more important features to consider when choosing the best .Net monitoring solution for your company or personal needs.

The intuitiveness of your .Net monitoring tool is one of the most often overlooked yet critical features to consider when searching for the best option to your needs. The sooner you can learn and fully understand a software the faster you can start using it to its full capabilities and eliminate any risk that comes with the learning curve you’ll find with any new software.

Server monitoring is a feature that can prove to be a major benefit as it provides in-depth availability and performance monitoring of not only your servers but applications on them. By checking your server’s availability and response time at regular intervals, you can maximize the efficiency of your business and thus have no lapse in productivity. Any stall in connectivity can have a trickle-down effect that can cripple your business if badly timed. Many server monitoring features also include comprehensive and detailed management reports that allow the IT professional to keep daily records of its performance. Other components that be monitored via this feature include your website stats as well as application pools. These reports can also be setup to trigger notifications via text or email in the case user interference is needed for damage control on an incoming threat.

A notification system, whether it is via text, email or other channels, can also prove to be a critical feature when choosing your .Net monitoring solution. Being able to identify and appropriately address threats immediately can be the difference between a minor problem and absolute disaster on your servers and ultimately for your company.

Visualization tools are also a very convenient feature to have as they allow for your detailed availability metrics and performance metrics to be displayed on graphs and reports that are instantly available. By having an aesthetically convenient display of your statistics and metrics you can not only see problems arising in real-time but train new IT employees using the software faster, creating less of a chance for potential lapses in efficiency.

If your company is one that deals with user transactions as many are, transaction monitoring capabilities is a great feature to consider with your .Net monitoring tool purchase. By being able to trace individual transactions to the user, date and time, you can pinpoint the root cause of any related issue that may arise. Transaction monitoring also allows for the identification of bottlenecking problems and offers the ability to target in on the occurring issue before it escalates. Transaction monitoring is also a unique feature in that it simplifies the troubleshooting of code issues to ultimately deliver a great experience for the end user of your services.

As with any software or tool you plan to purchase, it can be extremely useful to choose one that offers a full free demo or open source version to see the main interface and determine if you will be able to pick it up quickly. By choosing a tool you feel comfortable using, you will quickly be able to use it to its full potential and have no lapse in security during the training process.

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