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Keeping an eye on your applications and their overall efficiency can be a critical part of your IT department’s success. With that said, obtaining an application monitor software that keeps your plethora of applications running smoothly on your network can give your team a big advantage as it grows and adapts to the growing size of your business. Strong application monitor software can do everything from track metrics, set up customizable alerts, trace transactions and more. Today, we take a look at some of the most critical features to consider as you navigate the abundance of software available on the market today.

Recognizing where your application is spending it’s virtual energy and being able to track and visualize that can be a critical feature to consider in your search. An application monitor with a tracing feature, allows you to do all of this and more. Often times, an issue such as an internal application error won’t be obvious on the surface, but a tracing feature will help you recognize it. Whether your applications make a few transactions a day or thousands a month, collecting and tracking that detailed information will be critical in tracking a variety of metrics. Another benefit of a tracing feature within your application monitor software, is tracking the activity and communications between your various applications. Tracking activity between peers and presenting it in easy to read charts and graphs, will allow you and your team to quickly make decisions. You should also be able to drill down on individual transactions/interactions to receive performance details, getting an idea of just how efficient your applications are being.

One feature that can go hand in hand with tracing, is the ability of your application monitor software to setup customizable alerts based on a variety of metrics. Monitoring various thresholds, like bandwidth as an example, will be critical to maintain optimal efficiency. By setting up custom sliders, you can have the software notify you when certain thresholds are approaching a dangerously low level. With most IT professionals on the go, alerts via SMS or Email may be the best way for your mobile needs.

A very basic yet often overlooked feature for any software, not just application monitor software, is one that is easy to use. The more intuitive the main dashboard of the software is, the faster you can train your team on how to use it, and more so, use it to its full capabilities. In the case you go with software that is immediately difficult to use and understand, you’ll not only spend extra unnecessary time training your employees, but also take time away from other critical IT functions such as network security.

Custom reporting features have become commonplace in today’s software landscape, and your application monitor software should be no different. Keep tabs on all of your company’s key IT metrics in real-time, and presenting them in easy to read and simple reports can make a huge difference in how information is relayed both internally, and externally. Whether your are sending out internal reports tracking the number of transactions on your servers daily, or external marketing related reports, having a feature that does it automatically is a huge advantage. Access to information can be invaluable, and when it comes to the performance of your applications, that’s certainly the case.

Beyond just finding the features that best fit with your company’s needs, find application monitor software with a free downloadable demo to test out the software before purchasing. In addition to exploring it yourself, it may not be a bad idea to have your employees test out the software as well, especially if they’ll be using it every day.

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