SNMP Tools

Obtaining the right SNMP tools is one of the most important decisions an IT department of any size can make. From monitoring devices on your network to tracking the bandwidth those devices use, it’s critical that the tool you purchase can not only keep your company’s network running efficiently, but also keep it safe from the barrage of attacks sure to be waiting to flood your network. Let’s take a look below at some of the most important features to consider when researching and ultimately purchasing your own SNMP tools for your organization.

A crucial feature in any SNMP tool is one that allows for the tracking of bandwidth that is on your network. In today’s world of smartphones and tablets, the bandwidth on your network can be quickly zapped up leaving the more crucial devices running on your network running slow and causing interruptions in your day to day business. Most SNMP tools on the market today allow for the setting up of alerts to notify you, via an email or desktop notification, when your bandwidth hits a predetermined limit. By using this “safety-net” type feature, you can ensure your servers and ultimately your business are running as efficient as possible and you can focus your efforts where they need to be. Even a small interruption in server strength can prove to be costly, so definitely consider this feature when shopping around.

As with any software or tool you purchase for your daily professional or personal use, the intuitiveness of the user dashboard is very important. The main interface, that tracks the overall health of your network and allows for the quick access of the tool’s primary functions should be one that can be easily navigated and intuitive enough that any new user (new employees) can pick up fairly quickly to avoid interruptions in the day-to-day security and efficiency of your network. Many SNMP tools offer real-time tracking to analyze and confront any incoming threats to your network, and learning the user interface and functionality will be crucial in using the tool to its full capabilities. If you are planning to use your SNMP tool as your primary security blanket, it goes without saying the importance of its ease of use.

In today’s growing “work-remote” professional environment, a tool that offers the ability to work on the go via tablet or smartphone application can prove to be a major benefit. Having your tool’s interface accessible right on your smartphone could mean the difference between addressing and neutralizing a threat early and it compromising your entire network. In addition, being to monitor the health of your network from a tablet while traveling or relaxing at home, is an often overlooked yet very convenient feature that you and your team should consider when choosing a tool. Many of these applications and interfaces allow for the setting up of custom alerts to notify you of any unusual activity or a significant increase in bandwidth on your company’s servers at any given time.

Another often overlooked feature when looking for SNMP tools is the tool’s availability of a cloud based platform for a couple reasons. One, and probably the most obvious, is that it provides for an extra level of backup should a disaster happen to your servers on the ground at your company. Having a cloud backing up your company’s data and security settings, you can sleep easy at night knowing that they are in the cloud. Having a cloud feature also allows for the ability to access your company’s computers outside of the office while on the road or at home.

The features mentioned above are just a few that you will want to look into when choosing the best SNMP tools for your company. Many of the tools available on the market today offer a demo or full-version trial which is never a bad idea to try out first.

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