RightITnow ECM: Backup and Restore

RightITnow ECM is capable of dealing with a large number of alerts, events & entities, but over time may become a burden – whilst the purge utility should be used to prevent this from happening, it maybe easier to use the backup and restore facilities to copy all of your settings, correlations, users, entity groups, etc into a clean system.

The following steps should be used on an existing installation of RightITnow; it can be helpful to do this before performing an upgrade. Please note that backups do not work across different releases.

  1. Login to RightITnow ECM as an administrator; from the ‘Configuration’ tab select ‘Backup configuration’ to download a current backup.
  2. Stop RightITnow
    rightitnow/bin/catalina.sh stop
    pkill -9 -f rightitnow
  3. Replace your existing installation with a fresh copy
    rm -r rightitnow
    unzip rightitnow.zip
  4. Create a clean database for RightITnow ECM to use (replace DBNAME with a new, unused database name)
    mysql -u root -e "create database DBNAME default character set utf8"
  5. Start RightITnow ECM
    rightitnow/bin/catalina.sh start
  6. Load the RightITnow ECM web interface and enter your new database settings, RightITnow will then give you the choice of using a license or restoring from backup; point it at your backup file and your settings will be restored..
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