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Mobile IT Ops – Secure, Comprehensive, Integrated

With users increasingly relying on their mobile phones for everything ranging from news to work mail, it becomes imperative for IT Operations to offer a mobile solution so that IT Ops professionals can check status and address issues on the go. It is great to have a mobile IT Ops app, but it needs to really perform all the required tasks and functions to justify the space it takes on your smart phone. The hallmarks of a good mobile solution are:

Mobile IT Ops – Secure Authentication & Authorization

The operations staff should be able to perform their designated tasks while staying within bounds of their permissible views and operations.

Mobile IT Ops – Comprehensive view of the system

The app should provide the user with a comprehensive view of the system with sufficient information to act upon the information received.

Mobile IT Ops – Integration with ServiceNow®, JIRA, Zennos, Nagios, and More

The solution should be well integrated with existing systems so that the operator can at once act accordingly – be it raising a ticket in ServiceNow® or executing a script remotely.

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