ITSM Tools

What are ITSM Tools?

At a high level, ITSM tools manage workflows of the various occurrences that become problems for your IT operations team. Everything from the managing of service requests, handling IT breaches, handling ticket requests, service desk related issues and the other litany of issues that that come through to your IT operations, can be handled effectively with the right set of ITSM tools. Specifically, for your service desk team, ITSM tools are great to help manage both employee and customer facing IT issues, ensuring that they are not only ultimately handled efficiently, but at a minimum addressed and responded to in a timely mater. ITSM tools are ideal for customer facing issues especially, allowing for the 24-hour service that some customers require, ensuring a great experience every time.

ITSM Tools for your help/service desk

If you are company that sells a product or provides a service, it’s no news to you that customer service is near the top of your list of priorities. Everything from managing the company website, to potentially technical issues with the service/product you are selling, often falls into the lap of a company’s IT operations team. Finding ITSM tools with strong help/service desk support is a great idea for an organization of any size or service type. Automatically keeping track of tickets submitted and being able to gather the preliminary information needed without lifting a finger, is big asset for any team. Information systems, third-party applications and on-prem information are all critical assets that you will want to track in a dashboard within your ITSM tool. Having an intuitive and easy to understand dashboard in any software, not just your ITSM tool, is an invaluable feature that will allow you to train new employees quickly to understand the software and use it at its full capability sooner rather than later.

ITSM Asset/License Management

Two features that most ITSM tools that will come with are the ability to manage the various assets and licenses in your enterprise. Asset management, allows you to keep track of manage from an IT perspective the various devices within your business and add-ons on your machines, throughout the time they are circulating your business. An employee’s company phone for example can be managed from the time they receive it, to when they leave or are terminated, and ultimately when the phone is cleaned and reassigned. Your ITSM tool will keep track of that devices lifecycle the entire time it remains within your business. Having a license management feature within your new tool will prove to be a great feature as well, as it allows you to keep track of license requirements and manage when they are expiring, or updates are coming. Keeping in formed of upcoming changes or renewals to licenses can be critical as when they expire unexpectedly, it can cause internal havoc to your company. If a license to a product your supply chain software uses everyday expires out of the blue for example, it can cause outages and downstream problems that can cost your company in more ways than one.

Free Trial of ITSM Tools

Just like when you are purchasing any new software your company is investing in, it’s good business practice to download a free trial version of the tool. Your ITSM tools should be no different and given the importance of the issues they are dealing with, it should be priority. When using the trial, it’s a good idea to see if it is compatible with your other suite of software, such as the ones you use for security. You will also want to ensure your power users of the tool, get priority in testing it out.

RightITnow ECM tightly integrated with ITSM systems

RightITnow ECM is a Web 2.0 Manager of Managers (MoM) solution providing multi-source event correlation software, optimizing IT Operations processes and supporting predictable SLA-based services.
RightITnow ECM dramatically simplifies the management of IT operations by:

  • Streamlining the volume of IT events coming from multiple sources such as Solarwinds, MS SCOM 2012/2016, Nagios, VMware, Syslog, SNMP Traps and more.
    build your own event Connector using our REST API
  • Displaying Operational and Historical Dashboards with a comprehensive view of your Data center Health and your staff workload.
  • Providing Extensive workflow options to match your IT business practices
  • Bridging the gap between IT operations and the service helpdesk offering tight integration with ServiceNow, Zendesk, BMC Remedy, JIRA, Salesforce Service Cloud, ManageEngine and more.

Using event, entity and topology collection; correlation rules; and a library of configurable internal and external actions, RightITnow ECM makes it easy to automate IT operations processes. For example, with RightITnow ECM you can automatically escalate certain alerts to an ITSM system for incident (trouble ticket) creation. RightITnow ECM can be configured for closed-loop removal of alerts when linked incidents or trouble tickets are ‘closed’ in the underlying ITSM system. RightITnow ECM’s bi-directional automation of the event-to-alert-to-incident process plays a key role in optimizing IT operations and streamlining costs.

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