SolarWinds Orion NPM

Solarwinds Orion NPM from RightITnow

Enhance SolarWinds with Multi-Source Integration and Interoperability

Integrating SolarWinds to Multi-Source Single Pane Interoperability and Visibility

As your IT infrastructure grows and increases in complexity, monitoring becomes more challenging. Although SolarWinds Orion NPM can help gather and surface network latency issues, you still need to collect data from a number of other sources that are affecting this latency, and act on a wide variety of alerts to improve network performance. It is now possible to enjoy all the benefits of Orion NPM and leverage all the information and data you collect by deploying RightITnow ECM. Simply point ECM to your SolarWinds installation and within a few minutes, all SolarWinds events and alerts are readily available in ECM, along with those from other sources. Once all the data is available on ECM’s single pane of glass, you can use RightITnow ECMs filtering and automation features to resolve issues affecting your network performance.

Filtering the SolarWinds Data Flood on a Multi-Source Integrated Single Pane

Using SolarWinds Orion NPM without ECM, you are faced with a difficult choice: either invest more time, money and effort into processing all the reported events, or reduce monitoring and assume the risk of discovering problems only after the failures have occurred. ECM works against multiple Orion NPM instances and it maintains event and data integrity by continuously updating RightITnow ECM based on changes and updates in the Orion NPM database. The volume of alerts and events issued by Orion is then dramatically reduced by RightITnow ECM’s powerful categorization capabilities, which preserve only the meaningful alerts, the ones that could impact network performance. This SolarWinds-ECM integration saves you from having to invest additional resources into processing all the events reported by Orion NPM and eliminates the risk of disregarding important alerts and allowing small problems to escalate and cause network failures.

Automatic Multi-Source Resolution of SolarWinds Network Issues

The benefits of RightITnow do not stop at filtering the data flood: RightITnow ECM’s deep correlation feature resolves network issues by taking automatic actions on critical SolarWinds alerts, such as assigning those alerts to the relevant qualified operators, or sending emails to affected users, with no manual interaction from you.

Empowering SolarWinds Integration with Multi-Source Interoperability

ECM can correlate SolarWinds alerts with alerts you collect from other sources, such as Nagios,VMware, MS SCOM, Syslog and SNMP; allowing SolarWinds to interact and interoperate with these IT applications and more from a configurable menu in RightITnow ECM’s single pane of glass console. Take your SolarWinds Orion NPM productivity and efficiency to the next level, ease your workload and improve the performance of your team, with RightITnow ECM.

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