IT Ops Integration and Interoperability via Event Connectors

Solarwinds API from RightITnow

Achieving IT Ops integration and Interoperability with Event Connectors

Native Event Connectors that Bring It all To a Single Pane of Glass

You can use ECM’s built-in, easily configurable event connectors to collect and act on events from many external sources. For example, ECM can collect events from Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudWatch and can poll AWS every minute for changes to alarm states and raise an event in RightITnow ECM when it encounters one. You can run a separate CloudWatch connector for every AWS region you want to monitor. The region is configurable in the settings pane by selecting the appropriate endpoint. You can also collect and process events from InfoVista, JDBC, ManageEngine Applications Manager, Microsoft SCOM 2007 R2 and 2012, Nagios, and SolarWinds Orion NPM (Network Performance Monitor) and SAM (SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor). The SolarWinds connector discovers component names when polling, but ECM enriches a component only when it encounters an alert related to that component. Additional event connectors include VMware, and Zenoss.

Collect Right from the Source with SNMP Traps and Syslog Connectors

Sometimes, you want to collect events directly from network devices, such as servers, printers, hubs, switches, and routers, rather than collecting them third-hand from an intermediary application. ECM’s SNMP Trap connector allows you to do just that, collecting events directly from all your entities in their purest form for processing by ECM. And what about logs? Logs are an IT operator’s vital roadmap to resolving IT Ops issues, and ECM’s Syslog connector ensures that the logs you collect are most useful by collecting logs that enable separation of the generating software, the storing system, and the analyzing software.

Roll Your Own Event Connector with Our Event SDK

You can use ECM built-in event connectors out of the box, or you can create your own custom event connector using ECM’s Event SDK. The ECM Event SDK is comprised of a number of individual APIs for Java and Python, and a more generalized SOAP API. In RightITnow ECM, an event is the most basic object of meaning and can be used to create alerts or trigger actions in the system. Events allow extensive control over RightITnow ECM. You can use the ECM SOAP interface to send events. This interface provides a fairly quick and easy method of forwarding events from other systems. When expected volumes of events are high or enterprise features are needed, such as failover support, consider using the Java API with the ActiveMQ connector.

De-duplicating and Processing All of These Events

So, you have collected all of these events from disparate systems into ECM. Now what? Let ECM do its magic by de-duplicating the events into existing alerts and then correlating the events with actions that can resolve IT Ops issues before you ever see them on your Alerts Console.

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