Integration with ServiceNow®

Servicenow Integration from RightITnow

Bridging the Gap Between IT Operations and ServiceNow® Helpdesk Support

Disconnected IT Ops and ServiceNow® Silos and the Frustrated End-User

Even though IT operations and Helpdesk support tend report to the CIO and work in the same organization, it is fairly common for these two groups to work as independent silos in total isolation and with a totally different set of tools and objectives. This greatly impacts the company’s ability to address actual customers issues. How many times have we heard of service disruption directly from an irate end-user despite the underlying causes of these issues having already been reported in IT Ops?

Reactive Mode ServiceNow® and IT Ops Issue Management

In recent years, the ITSM market, led by companies like ServiceNow®, has been deploying a new generation of helpdesk solutions in the Cloud. However, these solutions are still mainly focused on helping support personnel deal with customer issues in a reactive, conversation mode, rather than in an active coordinated and planned mode. Moreover, IT operations remains in reactive mode, overwhelmed by various standalone monitoring systems, processing millions of application-related events and IT infrastructure alarms, with no ability to categorize, correlate, and automatically act on these events.

2-Way Active Mode ServiceNow® Helpdesk and IT Ops Issue Management

RightITnow ECM collects all the IT alerts into a single pane of glass and uses its categorization, correlation and integration features to provide the business context needed to resolve the issues, often automatically. This empowers your IT Operations and Service Desk staff to solve problems more quickly and efficiently. ECM’s native 2-way integration with ServiceNow® automatically creates tickets in ServiceNow® and populates these tickets with all the contextual information the support personnel would need from the application alarms. In return , IT operations personnel are constantly updated within ECM with ServiceNow® all the related updates created in ServiceNow®.

Collaborative IT Ops and ServiceNow® Integration and the Happy End-User

RightITnow ECM’s contextual knowledge of underlying foundational events, correlation results and links back to performance data (say, from an original monitoring source) where applicable, all contribute to faster problem resolution. With RightITnow ECM and its native integration with ServiceNow®, your IT Operations and Service Desk staff reduce the time spent reactively fire fighting and instead focus on acting on a manageable number of service impacting alerts. As a result, happy customers and end users gain from increased availability and uptime, and assured performance against their service level agreements.

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