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Cloud Monitoring Services

Cloud based monitoring services in every IT vertical are on the rise, requiring it to be both flexible and robust as it navigates and stores your data and services. Having the software the monitors your company from both an efficiency and security standpoint is a key piece of software that as your cloud presence expands, you’ll undoubtedly want to have. You will want to in turn make sure that your search for the best cloud monitoring services for your needs is in-depth and thorough. The overriding theme throughout the IT industry is that cloud is the way of the future, in more ways than one. A strong cloud monitoring services software will help to make up the gap between traditional enterprise monitoring software and your new cloud environment. In today’s piece, we take a look at some of the most important features to consider as you conduct your search.

One of the critical keys to successful Hybrid IT management is the ability to combine support with in-house systems such as Nagios and Zenoss, while managing your cloud services using Amazon Cloud watch and bring all this heterogeneous information in a single dashboard. Having the ability to integrate and work with services like those is a key feature to consider in your search, as you will most likely come across one of them or something similar as your IT department grows, especially if they are on a single dashboard. If you’re like most IT operations and process a high number of events, a feature like this will assist to correlate those events and track any easy to detect errors and defects. It will also allow for analysis to make those events manageable and more useful for your company as a whole. IT operation teams will also use features like this one to get an idea of overall network performance, as well as keep track of those devices also using the cloud for various reasons. From targeted device event responses, error log messages, interface alerts and supporting a plethora of in-depth big data analysis, integration with outside third party clod services is a key feature for your cloud monitoring services software.

Event correlation is another feature of Hybrid IT management that can carry over from a more traditional enterprise monitoring software to your cloud monitoring services software. Correlating events over your cloud, just like your internal networks, can help to process the massive amounts of events flooding your cloud systems. The cloud monitoring services software will not only neutralize incoming harmful attacks, but also recognize patterns to prevent such attacks in the future. As an alternative to having your IT ops team comb through the hundreds of thousands of events on your cloud, having a cloud monitoring services software with this feature will save both time and money by preventing the need for such man hours.

Another feature to strongly consider is a cloud monitoring services software that offers an alert feature. In today’s on the go IT operations world, the faster and more accurately you be made aware of any issues, the more likely you are to minimize the damage. By being notified in real-time with no delay, you or someone you have assigned on your team can assess the threat, and dull out the necessary resources to contain it and prevent it from spreading throughout your organization. In most software, you can receive alerts in a variety of ways including but not limited to SMS, emails or even alerts from within the cloud monitoring services software itself.

Whether it is a cloud monitoring software or any other kind of enterprise monitoring software, downloading a free demo version before you purchase is always a good idea. Not only will you get a chance to see if your team can learn it quickly, but also if it will work with the rest of your software smoothly.

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