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No matter the size or type of business you’re involved in, your IT department will widely be considered one of your company’s most critical departments. With that said, you’ll want to find an IT monitoring solutions software that fits your company’s needs and keeps your network and servers protected around the clock. Whether it be protecting credit card transactions stored on your servers or tracking logins by your system users, security should play a large role in your decision when it comes to IT monitoring solutions. Today we take a look at some other potentially critical features to keep in mind as you begin your search.

Automated report generation is a critical feature that will allow you to keep tabs on your company’s key metrics on a monthly, weekly or even daily rolling basis. A strong IT monitoring solutions software will offer a feature that pulls metrics from all of your key systems, and will not only automatically generate them, but also automatically blast them out to both internal and external clients. A list of daily failed logins for example is one idea of a report that members of your IT security team could receive every day. Be seamlessly getting this report to review every morning, they can check for patterns or consistent IP addresses trying to access your system and potentially cause harm. As you will find as you build a strong arsenal of useful reports, the more information your key employees are given in the most intuitive way, the less problems you will ultimately have.

One of the most important things to considering in your search for the perfect IT monitoring solutions is the ability to keep an eye on your servers via a server-monitoring feature. With the amount of information your company undoubtedly keeps on your servers and the intense reliability that is demanded of it, ensuring that your server never goes down and is constantly at peak security performance, is invaluable. Your server’s bandwidth is one example of something you’ll want to constantly have an eye on to ensure your IT infrastructures optimal efficiency. A strong server-monitoring feature will automatically notify you and your IT team any time your bandwidth reaches a certain bottom threshold, which if it dips below will ultimately stall your business. If server bandwidth is an issue that your company deals with in any capacity, this can be a game changing feature.

While low bandwidth is one issue you will want to be aware of in real-time as it occurs, there are many other alarms and alerts that you’ll want to setup and be aware of as they are triggered. Finding software that has an alert or alarm feature is another IT monitoring solutions must have. Being able to react to other issues such as brute force attacks onto your system, will allow your IT employee responsible to act on it fast and minimize damage as much as possible. Another example of an alert that could be set up is one that keeps an eye on your network’s speed, and the amount of devices that are flooding it. Similar to your server, your network’s bandwidth is also something that should be kept at optimal efficiency. Often times, these alerts can be delivered in a wide variety of ways, from email, within the software or even via SMS.

Getting your hands on a free demo of the IT monitoring solutions software you are considering is always a good idea. Not only can you see how the platform runs on your company’s computers, but you can also allow your team to get a feel for it to see if it will be a good fit.

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