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IT departments of almost all sizes have various forms of software that they use for both their company’s digital security as well as to ensure their network and server’s efficiency. One of the more common pieces if software that companies acquire, an IT monitoring software, has the ability to do both. Throughout the following let us take a look at some of the more important features to consider when procuring the IT monitoring software that best fits your company’s needs both presently and as your company grows for years to come.

As with any software that will be keeping track of some of your company’s more critical features, automated report generation is a great feature to consider for a plethora of reasons. Automated report generation can be setup with custom sliders to automatically generate various reports and immediately blast them out to both internal and external recipients. Whether it be business related metrics, or network/server efficiency information, having reports setup to be sent out monthly, weekly or even daily allow you and your associates to be presented with up to date information, seamlessly. Enhanced security is also another major bonus to having automated report generation as it allows for any incoming threats to be noticed via patterns, potentially from multiple failed logins or a certain user access an area of your IT infrastructure that they shouldn’t.

The IT monitoring software you ultimately go will with should be one that you can learn quickly and that is intuitive enough that you and your team will be compelled to use regularly. Look for an IT monitoring software that offers a primary dashboard that displays all of your critical metrics in one, easy to understand and navigate format. Whether it be charts, graphs or various data tables, a solid dashboard will make you efficient in keep track of everything you need to, to ensure security and efficiency.

Alerts and alarms are another critical feature that you’ll strongly want to consider in your search for the best IT monitoring software to fit your company’s needs. Email and SMS are just a couple of the options you have to alert of you of everything from incoming security threats to potentially low bandwidth and your servers. When it comes to alerts, the immediacy of them is absolutely critical. Especially when it comes to security threats, the faster your team is able to react and neutralize them the more contained you can keep the threat and the less of your business it will ultimately effect and slow down.

A feature that correlates events on your network is another feature that you should consider in your search for an IT monitoring software. In general, an event correlation feature allows you to keep your eye on a massive number of events throughout your network, and setup customizations to alert you of certain events. Staying on the topic of security, being able to keep track of your login logs behind the scenes, and look for patterns of a potential brute force attack for example, is one potential use for an event correlation feature.

As with any software you are considering investing in today’s tech landscape, there’s more than likely a free demo version available that you’ll want to download. Once you decide on one to download, you should consider letting your team use it heavily to ensure that they can pick it up with no drop off in your staff’s efficiency. The easier it is for you and your team to use the new potential software, the more likely you are to use it daily and truly gain the full value of your new tool.

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