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Business service monitoring

Today, more so than ever-in history, the worlds of business and IT intersect at a near breakneck speed. Your business IT services are critical to your company’s overall success, but also more pointedly to your company’s financial success. Obtaining a business service monitoring software is one approach that will help align your business’s IT objectives with your business’s overall annual financial and operational objectives. As an IT department, keeping your company’s business objectives in mind is a critical goal that you should maintain. Today, we take a look at some features to consider when you are making your investment in a business service monitoring software.

One critical feature of any good business service monitoring software is the capability to keep track of the performance of your network’s main components across data centers. While your more common network and enterprise monitoring software can identify lapses and shortcomings, business service monitoring software can determine the business impact related to the gap. A prime example of one such lapse would be if your company operates off multiple servers, and more than one, fail at once. A strong business service monitoring software will trigger an alert for the failure, but also relay the related business metrics related to each of the failed servers and in turn the financial impact of the crash. In the case of such an event, it will allow you to prioritize you’re repairs and damage in control in an instance such as one server dedicated to revenue and another to customer service.

A strong central dashboard that has aesthetically pleasing visuals is a feature that many people do not consider when investing in a business service monitoring software. With an often higher than normal departments turnover in IT, a main user interface that employees can learn quickly can make a huge difference as IT employees come and go out of your organization. Business metrics especially, such as operating margins and revenue growth are most easily understood in visually pleasing charts and graphs, which your dashboard will be home to. You’ll want to utilize your business service monitoring software to demonstrate real value to your team, potentially displaying the real dollar costs of system slow downs, or the financial impact if low bandwidth internally at your offices. A strong dashboard will also allow for the creation of automated reports that can be customized to fit your exact needs. Whether IT metrics or financial metrics, reports are a critical feature that will allow you and your team on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, track the key metrics that your executive team needs to make decisions.

Another feature to consider in your search for the perfect business service monitoring software is a configuration management database (CMDB). A CMDB maintains information about IT devices on your network such as routers, servers and desktops. While this may seem like an IT focused feature, some of your company’s most important financial records and operational strategies are located on your servers, making them critically important to keep track of at all times.

The aforementioned features are just a small sample of the things to consider while searching for your business service monitoring software. As with any software your business looks to make an investment in, you should consider downloading a free trial of the software to see if it’s a good fit for you and your team. Not only will it allow for your team to see if the software is a good fit for them, but it will also let you run it with your suite of other software to see if it’s compatible.

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